It's On Again!

It's been two years since our wonderful holiday to Europe for Garrie's 60th birthday.  Did you follow the blog for that one?  If not you can catch up here.

Waffles - must be Belgium somewhere!

We had a wonderful time and that blog has been turned into a book and helps us remember every moment and seemed to entertain a few of you out there, so how can we take a trip again and not put a blog together.

So much has happened since that last trip:

We were married in August 2014

9th Ausgust 2014

Not long afterwards, my beautiful Mum was found to be gravely ill, in fact in the week after we were married we took her to Lismore for specialist tests.   The problem proved to be mantle cell non- hodgkins lymphoma.

Mum at our wedding.
Mum took on her treatment like the trooper that she is and went through the radiotherapy to reduce her spleen which was nearly twice its size with reasonable ease.  However the chemotherapy that followed (to treat her bone marrow), knocked her for six and in December she ended up in hospital for blood transfusions and from there unable to return to her own home where she had lived a fully independent life to this point.  We were told she may not have that much longer to live so we took her home to live with us.  My sister, Christine, came from the UK to spend time with Mum and between us we sorted out Mum's house and possessions as it was her wish to sort things out whilst she still could.

Anyway we continued to try to feed Mum up and added things like relaxations exercises (meditations) on a daily basis and slowly, but surely Mum improved.  Her specialist was amazed and we ended up sending Christine home, her funeral frock unused.  Things continued to improve and even the palliative care team said she no longer needed them.  We were all thrilled.

So now, having sold Mum's home and being happy for Mum to stay with us, we decided that perhaps a new home was required for three adults to live well together.  We fairly quickly found our new home with a wonderful area for Mum to do craft and with a separate bedroom/bathroom area for Mum and for us.  We knew it was the place the minute we walked in.
Our new front door!
 I had lived at Idle Acres for over 14 years but time to say goodbye and move onto another life.  Sadly selling it was not easy with the first 6 months a total waste with the wrong agent and then, with a great new agent, the first sale fell over when the couple had a relationship breakdown.  It's taken over none months and finally another couple have fallen in love with our little piece of paradise.

Idle Acres

Now, finally, as it is sold, we can - after two years - plan another holiday.

It's Europe again - due to good deals and the time of year.  We've swapped our intimate bike and barge cruise for a major sea cruise, though we will be visiting the beautiful city of Bruges again.  Add to that the classic ports of Scandinavia, including Tallin, Estonia and then onto St Petersberg, Russia and we should have something to offer. Finally we'll be spending more time in what I can call "the old country" - particularly the south with all of its tin mining and smuggling history.  Want a sneak peak of the cruise?  Check it out here.

Main Square - Bruges

So who's going to join us?  Many of you followed us via email last time and you are welcome to do that again.  You may not hear from us daily as WiFi will be limited and I intend to rest more but it will all turn up over time and hopefully with some good laughs and pics.   The adventure begins May 20th.  See you in cyber space.

Much Love

Cheryl & Garrie.