20th May - We're on our Way!

After a few frantic weeks of organising, Mum is tucked up safely in respite, the cats have not one, but three people looking after them and if we didn't remember it, it's been forgotten, bags are packed and on a plane and we're away!

Travelling via Qantas from Coffs Harbour right through to London, via Dubai will be some 24 hours or so of excitement - well perhaps not...

Want to see our full itineray - it's here.

Saga of the batteries.
So we were delivered to the airport very efficiently by lovely John, but then we had some fun. When we last flew batteries had to be disconnected from items in checked in luggage, now you are not allowed loose batteries in checked in luggage. Garrie had a packet full. So well packed luggage opened and a bigger bag he thought the batteries were in was pulled out and we checked in and headed for the Qantas lounge. He sat down and suddenly that "OMG" look came over his face. "They are still in there!" So slight panic but lucky for us it was little Coffs so retrieving the bag wasn't a huge issue. Phew! Let's hope for smoother sailing from here! 

No the battery saga continued. At the security desk the batteries had to come out again and each individual battery was taped and then added to a sealable bag. Note to selves - only bring batteries in new packaging in future.

Garrie just loves walking through the scanning machine though, with only three trips through this time, he was well short of his record of 6.  His watch, which I had assured him would be fine was the problem.  

Oh and that thing out of the window is the prop. Not keen to sit near it as have visions of movies where they fly off and slice the plane, and passengers sitting nearby, through. If you're reading this then we survived!

Not sure if you can make it out but this is some of the coal mining activity in the Hunter Valley. Quite a contrast to the green further north. 

Flushing Issues
So, some of you will know that for  some days I have been trying to sort finances from our settlement. This morning the funds still had not cleared. So in the Qantas Club in Sydney I logged in and sorted things out. To do this I needed passwords for a number of accounts and I brought paper copies with me.  After sorting things I no longer wanted to carry them for security issues, but how to do that safely. Garrie volunteered to flush the torn up pieces away. Apparently he tried just half in a toilet and four flushes later they still remained defiant. Delicately removing them he distributed them into four different loos and low and behold our secrets are safe in the Sydney sewerage system.

View from the Qantas Club.

You know planes are simply amazing things. Apparently our speed is 915kph and our altitude is 10,350 metres and our Captain was telling us you can put 70 cars on the wing (or was that wings?) of the A380 Airbus. The entertainment systems tell you everything.

And you can even watch the view from the tail.
Yes it's getting dark and it's weird to think we are sitting in that metal tube you can see. Bizarrely I find myself wondering if the passengers on MH370 watched in wonder as their plane flew way off course.  Pretty good food for dinner and more entertainment than you can poke a stick at. Very much enjoyed The Revenant (well done Leo), but now time to try to sleep.

Any yes I managed some sleep. Garrie not so much. Safe in Dubai and in 30 mins we are off again. U.K. Here we come! 

Well not quite that fast. A door problem saw us having to return to our bay. Thankfully it was a light problem so easily sorted but an extra 30 minutes or so practising to be sardines.  At least blogging passes the time, though facilities (or lack of them) in Dubai meant this post has had to wait until England to go.

A few things to remember:
- the stupidity of the liquids rules that say it is the amount written on the outside that determines what can be taken and therefore the tiny bit of toothpaste I carried was consigned to the bin.
- my wanting to put my seat back up and accidentally pressing the button of the man next door. He flew upright much to his surprise and mine,
- losing the top off my lip balm and three of us crawling around a dark cabin trying to find it.
- Garrie listening to music on his headphones and not realising his was serenading our part of the cabin out loud. Thank goodness he has a lovely voice.
- deciding I needed to jot a few of these things down so reaching down for my handbag and getting the zip caught in the seat pocket and my gentle giant if a husband trying to squeeze down to free it and losing his glasses in the process in the dark cabin. Thankfully they were found before being stepped upon.

So the glamour of international travel fully revealed. Though I know we will have a great holiday we are still an hour from landing in London and have been travelling for 31 hours so far. Weather forecast for London showers 11 - 14.  Right now I envy you all your nice warm beds!