May 24th - All at Sea with lectures and line dancing.

Did I say all you knew of being on the water was a vague hum and the view? That is until we arrived in the North Sea.
The red arrow is us and this is what it looked like outside, but given most of these were taken from our balcony in deck 8, which is way up above the water line, they don't really show the depth of changes. Oh and note the temp.

These taken from inside on the 14th deck.
And in the pool area.
No swimming even in the indoor pool today. Plenty of time to explore though. We even have a live tree.
And this is looking down to the grand foyer.
Oh and found a water display.
We have spent most of the day in theatre lectures:
- Wandemunde, Tallin & St Petersburg
- Peter the Great. How one man transformed a Nation. Given by Cathy Hurst, retired from the diplomatic Corp.
- Blue Planet - the satellite perspective given by Dr Gernot Groemer, an Austrian Astronaut, and
- Light - the World of Optical Illusion given by Bob TUrner an astronomer.
All were very interesting and you could tell what the swell was doing by the back curtain swaying back & forth.  So much information and one thing that has stayed with me is how thin our atmosphere is.  If you put an orange in a fridge for a while, pulled it out and breathed deeply on it, the resulting condensation reflects the depth of our atmosphere if the earth were the same size of that orange. Between a couple of lectures we went down to see what "fun" dancing was and found ourselves line dancing, which will amuse Kathy & Tina.  Sadly Garrie aggravated a calf muscle injury he had before we left so more dancing is out for a while and he us now taking the lifts whilst I still head up the stairs (and I often arrive first).
Tonight it is dinner at 6 and then a Phil Collins show at 8.30pm.
During the night we will pass through the narrow channel that takes us into the Baltic Sea. Sadly I doubt we'll be awake but maybe we'll see it in the return journey.