21st May - Arrival in the "Old" Country and family ties!

Finally landed at about 8am. An hour behind schedule due to the door trouble in Dubai and poor weather here seeing us in a holding pattern. Picked up our hire car and almost immediately decided this was a dumb idea after 36 hours without proper sleep - how do you start it? Felt better that others had had the same probrl as a check in the glove box found the instructions. Bloody press button technology! Trying to leave the car park, problem number two when we took a wrong turn (still in the car park) and reverse gear could not be obtained. Finally out of the car park we do a couple of loops of Heathrow, including going through an area for cabs and buses only... I called a halt and discovered that the problem with our GPS was that it was set to "walking". 

So finally on our way but the GPS took us the long way and then told us we had arrived when we clearly had not. A kindly garage offered us use of his phone (yes we had decided to go phone fee) and Sue gave us the instructions for the last 5 minutes of the drive.

My cousins are there to greet us and are as crazy as ever! I put this in from 2014 as my brain was too fried to remember to take on this year.

So many great memories of our time at Sue's in 2014

Daniel has grown what seems a foot taller and is no longer so interested in gambolling but is way more interested in soccer and moon walking like Michael Jackson. We were treated to quite a performance.

Cousin Ellen stole the hat!

And there is a new household member since 2014. The very patient Pip.

As well as great company it was, as always, about food and drink. Again I missed taking pics for the fantastic dip and chaired selection and the roast gammon and parsley sauce mains but I woke up in time to capture the economy class (private joke) profiteroles (never anything economy class about your hospitality Sue!) and the sensational raspberry sabayon dessert made by Ellen.(even if I had already attacked it.)
I missed the pimms but here is a bit if the drink selection.
The boys went off to the pub after we had all had a lovely walk in the rain! Bless them they bought me a packet of memories.

A lovely supper and then we crashed and slept wonderfully well so woke this morning to a misty but clear morning and our heads well and truly in UK time.  Thanks lovely Sue and Daniel for your wonderful hospitality.  Love you to the moon and back!