Copenhagen, Denmark - 2nd June

Another gorgeous day, but perhaps a wee bit hot for a 3 hour strenuous walking tour but very interesting it was with the lovely Olga who was also full of fun. Particularly liked her sayings eg "there is no bad weather, just bad attire." And "we have two seasons, winter and construction" and boy was there plenty of construction on mainly by way of new underground rail stations.

So Copenhagen means harbour of mansions and this is a fairly apt description, though I'd also say the harbour of statues and palaces too.

We walked from the ship and started at some modern sculptures.
This next being a modern interpretation of the famous Little Mermaid
Not too far down the track we found the original Little Mermaid. Not a great shot due to both the sun and so many tourists (bloody cruise ships).
This building is Copenhagen's opera house (clearly we gained the best deal on Opera Houses designed by Danes).
Several statues along the way. This commemorates the dead of WWI
This lady was well ahead of her time and worked to support the widows and orphans of sailors lost at sea.
Sorry cannot recall what this one was about. The weather was,apparently, extraordinary for Copenhagen and we moved fairly quickly between patches of shade so not a lot if time for note taking.
This is Frederick, the current Queen's Father, and former king.
Also along this area you can clearly see the old fortress - still used today by the military.
We turned away from the water front to find more statues.  This one of a woman who was told she could keep the amount if land she could till in one night, so she turned her four sons into oxen to ensure it would be a good sized plot. (Perhaps the inspiration for Hans Christian Anderson who's tales were often very somber.
Right next door is an Anglican Church built by a Danish princess who was marrying into the British Royal family (or were they marrying into the Danish Royal family? So much inter breeding it's a wonder they don't all have two heads.)
Then we turned back to the waterfront again and found two pavilions given to the Danes by Norway. They are still in use with the current Queen using this one to await her yacht when going sailing.
Then we finally turn inland.
This park has four very interesting pillars on each corner.
This leads us through to the Amalienborg square of Royal palaces. This one is lived in by the Queen.
And this by the Prince and his Aussie Bride Mary who is much admired by the locals.
There are four palaces in the square and we were lucky enough to see the changing of the guards again.
Just amazing how close were were to the palaces. Just down the street is the man Lutheran Church.
Not far from here was the Russian church.
This is the Parliament building
And I believe this is the Supreme Court.
This is the French Embassy
And these are pics of the national theatre. Construction meant we couldn't get clear shots of the front.
This is the Nyhavn area. An 17th century port area that is a very popular restaurant and bar district.
I should also say that Copenhagen is a city of bicycles. They work to build more cycle lanes to encourage more cyclists to keep traffic pollution down and the traffic moving.
This is the stock exchange.
Lots of islands and canals again.
This is the memorial to WWII
It was a very big three hours and we were pleased to be heading back to the ship in a shuttle bus which passed close to the National Museum.

Oh and wind power is everywhere!