Entering Stockholm

We had been told that this is the most spectacular port to enter and they were certainly correct. It takes many hours to work your way through the many islands that lead into Stockholm. Mr Enthusiastic, not wanting to miss a thing, was up, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:30am. Thankfully we had pushed the clocks back an hour during the night so that wasn't quite as bad as it might have been, though after a couple of hours, with another two and a half hours to go until we dock, even he agreed that perhaps we could have stayed in bed a bit longer.  Still the views were fabulous and so so lovely to see so much green.
Oh and Mr Enthusiastic also thought we should view all this from the top deck outside. I took my down jacket and it was needed. Not long after getting up there I realised our safe was open so I headed down (level 15 to 8) to close it and back up again and within ten minutes of my returning Garrie decided watching from the cabin would be fine - his nose was frozen lol. I made him make me a cuppa and we enjoyed that and some Belgian chocolates (sorry Chris think they are all going), whilst we watched the lovely islands slip by.
The ship is remarkably quiet - more like an electric car, so it was very peaceful until we heard loads of bird noise. Clearly these cormorants have found their favoured nesting spots.
We spotted some swans too and groups of low flying birds.
The sun chased us down the channels.
We came very close to some islands and watching the cruise ship in front of us gave the real indication of how we snaked our way forward.
We saw various unusual buildings along the way. Would have been good to have a commentary. Also quite a few mansions.
Closer to Stockholm car ferries take people into work.
I thought I'd introduce the main crew today too.
Well we are just about tied up. Looking forward to today. Going to see the Vasa museum, the old town and an ice bar! Weather heading for 24 degrees. Sunrise 3.43am and setting 9.48pm.  Australia made CNN and BBC world news yesterday. Firstly the news that one third of the Great Barrier Reef has been affected by bleaching and then as a NSW tourist was taken by a croc in Qld.  Never dull being an Aussie.  Ciao for now.