May 25th Warnemunde - Germany

Warnemunde (pronounced var-na-mund-da) Is the nearest Germany Port to Berlin and some will be taking longer excursions today to see all kinds of things from the Brandenburg Gate to a concentration camp.   Though we'd love to see Berlin we have decided we don't want to spend lots of our shore time in vehicles and so have opted for something a little more local to the Port.

We woke to a pea soup fog and the sound of fog horns.  It was a sea fog and every time it looked like lifting it rolled in again from the sea.  Here is the view from the bridge this morning.
We were able to walk into Warnemunde. Garrie's calf muscle is still sore but pain killers and not taking the stairs seem to be helping.   It's a pretty little place and this is what it looks like without sea fog.
Gotta love Germany, everything is about fahrts...
We have no idea what this advertising is about but we are hoping not fahrts 
What do you think it's about? Strength of these plastic chairs perhaps?  This is a seaside resort though I don't think my photos will do it justice.
Back in the town the river is also quite pretty.
We made a friend.
Found a lighthouse.
I had a big win internet wise as we couldn't find any connection, then suddenly my iPad picked up and connected to 'hotel 209) and I whipped through some emails and uploaded two blog posts. Bless you Hotel 209 as anything else we found that day was just hopeless.
This port gave me the best overall shot if our ship so far. I could have taken a walk and captured the other end in the sunshine post Rostock but after almost 20,000 steps (14.53km) I was just too pooped.
Back to the ship for lunch then off to our official cruise tour.
"Walking Tour of Rostock & its Botanical Gardens."  2pm
Described thus:
Enjoy an active walking tour through Rostock’s rich Hanseatic architecture and past; then, visit the city’s botanic garden where you’ll admire the extensive plant collection. Rostock is one of Germany’s most lovely Hanseatic cities. On this guided walking tour, you’ll view its large gates, its warehouses, magnificent churches, and learn about Rostock’s rich Hanseatic merchant past. Pass under brick gables and marvel at the 800-years of history that have shaped this city. After your extensive walking tour, you’ll visit Rostock’s spectacular botanic garden. View approximately 10,000 organically-cultivated plant species. The garden is divided into scientific areas where plants have been cultivated for research by the University of Rostock for over a century. Explore unique and distinct ecological habitats, the greenhouses, and the educational garden. Learn about how these diverse plants are carefully cultivated for a variety of purposes. 
3hrs 30min moderate 

We started our tour at the botanical gardens which is far from typical. It is run by the University of Rostock and is an educational grade.  Our guide was the curator and I just loved his shirt!
The rhododendrons were in full flower.
And many of the pine trees had beautiful new growth.
The gardens were put together in the 1930s and showed various natural habitats and these gave now become very precious and these natural grasslands have all but disappeared. This is a wet grassland 
I think this is a viburnum?
This is the pond area.
Our guide, Antje, then took us into the town of Rostock. Of course only 26 years ago we would not have been able to come here as this was then part of East Germany and Antje told us how things were for them in East Germany and how the changes affected them. Amazing to think all this happened so recently. Much if Rostick was destroyed in the Second World War as it was a centre for building aircraft. ( the first ejection seat and the first jet came from Rostock). Re-building under socialist rule was much more austere.
Some buildings did survive and this is the town hall.
This is another beautiful building owned by the family of a merchant.
In the central area
Where there is a fountain dedicated to happiness. There is a family in the middle and all the statues around are naked so the locals call it the fountain of pornography.
Back to the ship and a very enjoyable dinner in the Moonlight Sonata dining room then a show starring Ollie Mulkeen, a great instrumentalist, singer and a bit if a laugh. Sunset was 9.25pm so when we returned to our room I took these pics from our balcony.
We have to push the clocks forward another hour tonight (talk about confusing our brains) so sunset tomorrow night will be 10.39ish. Another day at sea and then we reach Estonia.