May 26th At Sea on route to Tallin

So we woke this morning with headaches and the decision was made that a day without an alcoholic drink might be in order.

After brekkie (Bircher muesli with fruit & yoghurt, followed by a chocolate croissant for me), we headed off to learn about Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen.  This is mostly them selling their various excursions but you do pick up practical tips about the ports and you start to understand the places you will see.

At 11am it was up to deck 15 (yup the top) to see the glass blowing show. Apparently there are only 3 ships cruising that have such a thing (all Celebrity). The furnaces are run by electricity and the girls doing the work seemed very young but proved to be very proficient, as these pics show.  From one tiny blob of glass, through many many processes (not all captured here) and the result a beautiful vase.
Once it shapes up they then have to add a blob to the end to transfer it from one rod to another so that the top can be shaped up.

Then the section that was originally attached to the metal rod is cut off.
A colour is added to the lip.
And then this is all formed to finish off the vase.
Just amazing. This show is all put together through the Corning Museum of Glass which is near New York. They don't sell the pieces they make as the Museum is not for profit, but towards the end of the cruise several if the best pieces will be auctioned for charity and one in particular is auctioned for WWF which Celebrity is affiliated with.
Half way through today's demo this helicopter flew close to the ship and hovered along side us for a while. Just checking us out perhaps.
So after the glass blowing we headed for a bite to eat at the Oceanview Cafe (14) then back down to the Eclipse Theatre (5), for a very interesting lecture on Catherine the Great. Another person who seemed very unlikely to become czarina. They certainly are getting us ready for St Petersburg. So then off for the second course of our lunch and a nice chat with half a dozen people from the Midlands (of England, where I was born).  As the sun has come out the deck chairs and sun lounges are mostly filling up though many with blankets as well - we were outside with both a jumper and a jacket! 

Today they had a matinee show with Nicola Ward, a singer along the style of Mariah Carey and tonight we are going to see Stevie B who's show is described as a blend of famous and popular music rooted in the 50s & 60s including Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Buble. Should be good and we are very much looking forward to seeing Estonia tomorrow. (Let's hope I can find another Hotel 209).

Well I can tell you that Stevie B was just great. Best show so far. Back in our stateroom we enjoyed this view before heading to bed. Tallin here we come.