Polperro, Cornwall to Lymington

Firstly a definite post script on Polperro.  How could I have forgotten to mention Joan the Wad, Queen of the Cornish Piskies! Go Mum!
Garrie asked if a Piskie was a Pixie that was really angry! Hoho. They are, in fact, (yes really), shy, mischievous creatures, seldom seen, hiding in the Cornwall Woodlands. They are considered good luck. Mum is definitely Queen of the Mischevious.

We took a final evening stroll down to the harbour and took a few more of the magical buildings.
I love how clever people are with their cafe names.
I should also mention the whole Brexit discussion going on around us. Soon there is a vote (June 26th) as to whether the residents of the U.K. want to leave the EU. Certainly down in this neck of the woods we have seen only one suggestion. In discussions we know others will vote to remain. Seems about 50:50 to us so far.
So as the sun had set and a few drops of rain started, I took a last couple of snaps and we headed up to bed.
Oh and for a second time this week I set a record on my Fitbit, 25,556 steps - 18.6km (over 10 miles). Hopefully it is helping with the clotted cream overload.  Oh and Garrie says the lady who cut his hair liked him, hence the discount...yes that could be it. (A lack of hair could be another reason lol) I also did something silly today. I didn't put the shower head in properly so it fell and hit me right under the eye so I've been explaining away a bit of a shiner all day.

So today dawned wet! Some real English weather for a change. We had our lovely English breakfast in the pub, which I finally took a couple of interior shots of.
If those walls, with centuries of listening to stories, could talk! After breakfast the rain had slowed to a sprinkle and so we packed and headed off on our four hour car drive to the New Forest in Hampshire. A journey that takes you out of Cornwall, across Devon, through Dorset and on to Hampshire.  Most of the way we had showers but nothing too heavy. As floods had been forecast we kept an ear on the radio but no problems.  We decided to stop in Lyme Regis on what is known as the Jurassic Coast for lunch and here the heavens decided to open again.  We parked and dashed down to the waterfront and into the first pub we could find, the Rock Point Inn. The beer of the day was again a Carling Lager (sorry beer lovers he really is a lager man and I love a half lage and lime.)
And our favourite English meal - fish and chips.
By the time we finished the rain had stopped so we were able to take a few shots from the way front.
We went to the tourist info and asked about seeing some of the Jurassic coast cliffs closer up and the lady suggested we stop at West Bay.  So who watched the TV drama Broadchurch? (Moody but gorgeous David Tennant). West Bay is where this was filmed.  As we headed to the car it looked as if rain would stop play again.
Thankfully our luck held and we made it to West Beach with no rain, though it was very cold on the beach so Garrie has certainly experienced some of the less fun English weather at last.  THe cliffs are amazing in every direction.
We walked to the nearest, very obviously "Broadchurch" cliffs. Just amazing and they had my imagination spinning, seeing toes in them or perhaps animal feet and all manner of strange thing.
Not much surf but the waves were rolling in.
Garrie was rugged up but happy.
So by now it was 2pm and we still had two hours of driving. Most of it was easy but Bournemouth was busy, though kept moving so we wee stop on time.  We are staying in a lovely modern B&B near Lymington - what a contrast to Crumplehorn Mill!  Tomorrow who knows what we'll be up to.