Post script - St Petersburg

So we saw half a day of their 60 days of sunshine - after we reboarded the ship. Lol. I have taken some port photos as there is much work going on preparing for the World Cup soccer in two years time. You can see a couple of bridges and a stadium in progress and some cruise ships that keep following us around.
On our way from St Petersburg to Helsinki, we passed the island of Kotlin, founded by Peter the Great when he took it from Sweden in 1703. There are only two narrow navigable channels. The harbours here include Russian naval vessels and merchant ships and St Nicholas Naval Cathedral is a dominant feature and stands in the main town of Kronstadt.
A flood prevention complex, officially called the St Petersburg Dam, has been constructed across the Gulf of Finland, having the island of Kotlin at its centre, to protect St Petersburg from storm surges by separating the Neva Bay from the rest of the Gulf of Finland.
So tonight our entertainment was a rock show with music, singing, dancing and acrobatics.
Still light when the show finished, though there is entertainment ongoing into the small hours but we old figures head for bed after a quick look out to sea.