Webbery Estates, Bideford. Friday 10th June.

A sad day dawned - our last with Chris and Howard. It has been wonderful and the time has just flown by.  I have clotted cream fudge to ease the pain.
I took one more stroll around their lovely garden.

Then we headed off to our favourite cafe so Chris and I could have a last knicker bocker glory (the boys had a cuppa and toffee cake).
After lunch is was a tearful farewell and on to the next adventure. Lovely friends Linda and Mike have invited us to join them on a holiday - a huge 45 minutes away from Chris and Howard's place.  I should photograph some of the narrow lanes between hedgerows but am always too busy watching for cars but the scenery around is glorious.  On our way we had to back track to take this sign.
The things they do in England!  Where we are staying is just lovely. We are in the Appleloft of Webbery Estate.  A few pics I took this afternoon, followed by some links for more info.  Settled in now and cooking dinner (well Garrie is) and having a cuppa. Bye for now.

The Webbery Estate 

The Appleloft

The description sounds magic:
The Appleloft, which once housed the estate's cider press is a cosy yet spacious, two-bedroomed cottage with a gallery and vaulted ceiling which adjoins the Groom's Cottage. The sitting room with dining area features a wood-burning stove. The luxuriously fitted-out bathroom is shared between the bedrooms.

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