A Walk to Looe

So last evening I picked up a brochure about local walks and found we could take a cliff path and could walk all the way to Looe - approx. 4 miles (Welsh), should take about two hours. The sun was shining, as you can see from these cottages across from our Inn.
So we headed down and firstly checked out options to come back via boat.  No one around so we checked out a couple of interesting buildings, a seagull and a cave instead.
Still no one around so we decided, what the heck, and headed up the cliff path to stunning views back over Polperro and peak rock.
As we followed the coast, the views back were wonderful.
We found detours as the main coastal path was closed, and found ourselves on a very steep descent into Talland Bay.
We are always a bit amused by people dressed up and sitting on a beach. There was a nice cafe there, so we stopped for a coffee for Garrie and clotted cream ice cream for me, in our own little beach hut.
Then we continued on towards Looe. Loved this sign. Pavo even you wouldn't tackle this on a bike!
The coastline all the way was spectacular. 
We even found a "shag on a rock"!
When I was a kid we used to call this stuff "cuckoo spit" but it's actually secreted by the nymphs of a sap-sucking insect called a frog hopper.
 Foxgloves were everywhere.
We passed through several gates and stiles and at one point came face-to-face with a field of these guys. They let us pass peacefully.
Finally we arrived in Looe, another Cornish delight, though much larger than Polperro.
We had a lovely lunch. Garrie had more doorstep sandwiches and I enjoyed a baked potato, both washed down with Carling lager and then we headed off to explore the little quaint streets.
This lovely clock tower was over the Guild hall which also held the Guild Barbar and Garrie decided it was time the developing fuzz on his head should be removed. 
Garrie couldn't understand why I rolled around with laughter when he told me he had paid 7GBP. He hadn't seen the nearby sign advertising haircuts for men and boys for 8GBP with a 1GBP discount for those over 65. Poor lad still has 3 years to go. Did we walk back? Did we heck as like! No boats found but a lovely red bus took us on a magical mystery tour that ended in Polperro. It was an adventure in itself with the narrow lanes. Another walk down into Polperro (and another clotted cream ice cream with extra clotted cream on top for Cheryl)! And now we are having a well deserved rest before dinner and bed. 20,735 steps so far!  Tomorrow we are off to the New Forest so stay tuned.

Wondering about clotted cream. Hey hey we've found a recipe!

Also found out a bit more about the German TV activity we saw yesterday.