Appledore - Sunday 12th June, 2016

Happy birthday Bruce!  Worryingly the gang thought we might have a restful day today (eek isn't that what they said yesterday when we did a 17km walk?). We started with a look around the Webbery Estate. Ok John P here is the Manor House where Wodger lives.
And the Coachouse which is also available for accommodation.
The estate has a couple of walled vegetable patches.
Gooseberries coming on.
We loved this scented flowering tree. A tree wisteria?
Pheasants in the field. Yes need to crop him down when I have all my editing tools.
Meg not allowed to chase.
Sitting quietly watching the sheep.
Group shot in the tennis pavilion.
So then, after a cuppa, we decided we would head to a lovely local seaside village called, Appledore. First lunch in the pub. Whale and chips with mushy peas.
Beer of the day. A Carling Black Label lager.
Boys having fun.
It's a lovely quaint place.
Across the estuary is Instowe (one day Linda will visit there. Keeps getting it very muddled with Appledore.)
Time for an ice cram.
Some very interesting vehicles.
And Meg wanted an ice cream,
We also found a delicious chocolate shop and I was intrigued with the top chocolate bar - what do they mean?
A couple more of Meg.
Linda had fun with a selfie at Appledore.  You've heard of the three tenors, well this is the four chins!
Polperro next stop! Xx