Combe Martin - all at sea - well the Bristol Channel

And it's still about Tilly and the birds.
A quiet morning and then off to Ilfracombe for a ride on the Ilfracombe Princess.
As we walked over to join the fun we admired the huge seagulls and Verity, a Damien Hurst sculpture that was installed here in 2012.
Verity is actually quite a confronting statue of a heavily pregnant woman. Half is striped back to show the bones and baby in the womb. She stands for truth and justice for all unborn children.
People either love or hate her and at 66 feet high she certainly cannot be missed.  We headed out and towards the west down the beautiful rugged coast of North Devon, which was covered with light sea must until it burnt off. Speaking of burnt - so many tourists with sunburn who were continuing to add more hot sun (yes hot again today folks). I resisted taking pics of them.
This is the lighthouse at Bull's Point.
We came across a seal or two. This one is out if the water.
This is the seal cave.
We made a return visit to Woolacombe beach.
This is the lovely village of Lee.
This is tunnel beach, so named as people in the Victorian era wanted to reach it so brought miners from South Wales to dig four tunnels through the hills to reach it.
Back to Ilfracombe. The domes are the local theatre (nicknamed Madonna's bra).
Snapped these two before we finished.
The Bristol Channel has the 2nd biggest tidal movement in the world (biggest somewhere in Canada). It was just on the turn when we returned. About 8m today but can be as high as 10m.
Fish and chips for tea - wonderful cod in crispy batter with fat chips. Yummy.
Can't believe we are due to leave tomorrow. It has been a wonderful few days here. Will be very sad to leave, but we'll be back.