Combe Martin - well it's really all about Tilly!

Yesterday, after a wait for the hire car company to open we headed towards Devon, though not before we showed our ignorance of new cars by asking where the hell he spare wheel was? Apparently you don't need one these days. A few bits of fun on the way with our Sean Connery GPS voice directing us 
Eg half a circus pulled out in front of us and up a few hills Garrie was urging our little c class vehicle to get over the hills.  

Traffic slowed to  30kph in the 100kph zone, but this did allow for better sight-seeing.  The problems were the Bratton Down Races and a charity bike ride.  Close to our destination a fellow with a basket on a trolley reversed out into our lane with no idea we were there and around the next corner a breakdown was taking up much of the road. Between hedgerows, massive round about a (some with traffic lights), cars parking everywhere and excentric locals, Britain is a charming place to drive.

We safely arrived at the beautiful Combe Martin Devon to be greeted by Chris, Howard, Tilly and a wonderful roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner (after a lovely quiche lunch which I didn't photograph).
Oh and Howard thought it would be good to resume the 2014 "beer of the day" idea.
(Last one for you Dazza). At the end of the day I think Garrie is a lover of lager no matter what he tries.
So after a great night's sleep we awoke to English bird song and I hope to improve on the pics in the next few days and we even spotted a squirrel.
Some beautiful flowers in bloom.
After breakfast we all headed for Woolacombe Beach. Voted best beach in England (and third best in. Europe), and we walked from Woolacombe to Putsborough on what turned into a very hot day (high 20s). Loved the beach huts.
Love the typical English family getting ready for a day at the beach.
Tilly  just loved the freedom.
This is considered a surf beach and we were impressed to see lifesavers and flags, though we felt the lengthy walk to find the water might be the dangerous part.
With the heat Tilly was looking for a way to cool down.
Putsborough end is lovely. (Apologies for what looks like a finger print that disappeared later?)
Thanks for lunch Mum (bill's on its way). Boys had boring hamburgers but Chris had a crab salad in your honour and I had scampi and chips. All delicious.
Great views on the return journey and the odd sheep.
The hedge rows were filled with flowers.
We were all hot and bothered by the time we returned to Woolacombe, with Tilly having to be carried part of the way and Garrie and I wondered, for the second time in a week, that people over this way seem to think long walks on hot humid days is the way to go. Wouldn't survive in Aus, lol. A cold beer was just right and we all recovered quickly.
I should say we are also seeing loads of UK wildlife. So far a badger, a fox, a squirrel and a stout. Why no pics? Hard to take as we whizzed past their bodies on the side of the road.  Also very glad to talk to Mum today, who had survived the threat of evacuation as 386mm of rain in a weekend caused flooding. Howard did comment that he could have used some of that for his water butts (rainwater tanks we hope) and Garrie also raised an eyebrow when Chris told us that the patches on the lawn were caused by squirrels burying their nuts. The penny did drop.

A lovely day in lovely company with more to come over the next few days. Xx