Webbery Walk About - having a "quiet" day.

After a lovely late night chatting we all slept in to almost 9am. After breakfast we decided we should have a quiet day and just a bit of a walk around the place.  Here's Garrie in our lovely kitchen.
The day was a bit grey but still warm and muggy and we headed past some beautiful places.
Gorgeous reflections.
We headed down lovely country lanes and thought it might be nice to find a local pub. We explored down several lanes to no avail but kept going and finally found someone to ask who directed us to Westleigh which was 1.1 miles away. Hmm me thinks these were what are known as Welsh miles (very appropriate given Linda and Mike are Welsh - oh and very happy with the football results). Eventually we found rock cottage - which was a landmark.
And then the Westleigh pub.
A beautiful fire place.  We were too late for lunch so enjoyed our lagers (the ladies with lime) with bags of pork scratching and had a good rest.
Heading back past beautiful countryside. Oh I should mention on the way to the pub it poured rain but we were near a bridge so sheltered and chatted until it passed.
Back into the forest and reflective pools.
Some 23,000 steps (almost 17km) later we finally made it home, laughing about our "quiet day" which we had all thoroughly enjoyed. Mike provided a magnificent lasagne for dinner and there ended another great day. A few pics of the lovely Meg to finish. Meg also did the walk and therefore ended her day fast asleep.